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Diploma in Educational Management

120 hours | Accredited by CPD

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Course Details

• Face-to-face training (Interactive online sessions) • Classroom activities and group discussion • Homework, further reading covering the number of hours required • Self-study and reflective practice • 12 assignments • Mini-workshop presentation This course will guide you through the responsibilities & strategies of a successful manager in an educational setting. This course is divided into three units: Unit 1: Looking after your institute This unit deals with your professional roles as leader and/or manager, your public profile and the skills required to maintain a successful public profile, as well as your long-term and short-term plans for your institute. Unit 2: Looking after your staff This unit deals with how to successfully communicate with your staff and to coordinate their roles, how to carry out staff appraisals and classroom observation, and to instill a positive attitude in all staff. Unit 3: Looking after yourself The final unit deals with time management and how you can ensure you don’t burn out. Being a leader and/or manager entails difficult tasks – you will receive recognition for your institute’s great achievements, but you will also spend many long hours dealing with problems. This requires successful delegation skills. Although it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that all aspects are addressed and all problems are dealt with, this does not necessarily mean you have to do it all by yourself. Deciding which of your tasks can be delegated to a member of staff is a vital skill for you to develop.

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