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  1. When can I register for any course? You can register based on our training schedule. The payment deadline is one week before the first session.

  2. What is the accreditation of Frisby’s College? Our diploma courses are accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), UK 

  3. What are the levels of your courses? Our courses are for professionals. Therefore, they are accredited by CPD and are not ranked according to university level. 

  4. What is the refund policy? A registered student may cancel a course registration up to 24 hours prior to the beginning date of the course.  No refunds will be issued if no notice is given before the start date of the course. There will be NO REFUNDS after the second session.  However, the participant may join the next time the course is offered. 

  5. Can I get a refund if I did not submit my assignments? That is not possible as the service has been taken. Not submitting the work is the trainee’s responsibility. Therefore, it doesn’t give the trainee the right to ask for refund. 

  6. What is the withdrawal policy? If the student withdraws after the first session, he/she shall be eligible for 50% refund from the first instalment. 

  7. Can my earned credits be transferred to any course? Earned credits cannot be transferred to any other course.  The course fee is linked with our educational partners and paid fees cannot be transferred between different partner courses. 

  8. What is the submission deadline? Incomplete students will be required to submit within 3 months of the first deadline. Otherwise, they will be required to pay readmission fee of SR 500. Students have one year maximum to complete the course. 

  9. What will happen if I want to submit my course assignments earlier than my classmates? Students can wait to submit with their classmates or pay a SR 500 courier fee if they need their certificate urgently. 

  10. How can I get a discount? Workshops discount SR 50 for regular participants and group of 3+. Courses SR 200 off for regular participants and group of 3+. Kindly do not embarrass us by asking for discounts if you don’t fit the criteria. 

  11. Who is considered a regular participant? Regular participants attend minimum 2-3 workshops every month. 

  12. Can these courses replace a degree? No, as they are training qualifications and they don’t replace degrees. 

  13. Can I pay two installments for any course? You can pay two installments for courses not workshops. It must be 2/3 then 1/3 

  14. When do we receive or UK certificates? Usually 3 weeks after submission. 

  15. Do you have a course that can register me in Ajeer System? Our courses used to get people in Ajeer. However, after the new rules you will only be accepted in Ajeer if you have attested B.A or B.Sc. 

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