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Educational Insights - Mrs. Ayat Islam

Educational Insights is a network of specialized services founded by Mrs. Ayat Islam in 2013. Ayat Islam, a passionate educator with a great deal of experience in teaching English, educational leadership, and training teachers. She holds a Freelancing Practitioner Certificate from the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development in Saudi Arabia for organizational development and advisory. In addition, she is a certified trainer with TVTC, MOE and APT in Saudi Arabia. She is also a certified trainer with Canadian Orbit for Professional Education and Oxford Academy Training and Consulting. She holds MA in TESOL, Diploma in Teaching Kindergarten, and ILM certified coach. 

Mrs. Ayat is Frisby College representative in KSA, and she is also a member of the international courses development team for Frisby International. The partnership enables learners to study UK regulated qualifications from Saudi Arabia.


Programmes include teacher training courses accredited by CPD which help teachers working in all educational environments develop their skills and gain a specialised teaching qualification that is recognised worldwide. We also offer a growing number of courses for ATHE Awards and Certificates in Business, Management and Entrepreneurship studies. These qualifications can be used to fast-track study for a BA/BSc top-up Degree from Universities in England and Wales. Courses can be studied 100% remotely from Frisby College in Saudi Arabia. 

For Arabic teacher training courses, Mrs. Ayat designs the training courses for Al Dona Training Center that are accredited by TVTC, KSA. In addition, she delivers workshops in English and in Arabic.


Other Arabic courses by Academiat Al Taalum designed by Mrs. Ruba Al-Azza.  These courses are Teaching Arabic Phonics for young learners and Developing Cognitive and Motor Skills in Children. These courses can help all kindergarten teachers expand their knowledge of how young learners learn. 

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