Tony Swainston Ltd. Courses

Tony Swainston is a leadership writer, trainer and professional coach and has trained people in leadership both in the UK and in 15 other countries including Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Kuwait. This is a unique opportunity for you to be guided by Tony through this important training.Tony Swainston Ltd is an ILM Approved Centre. 

Outstanding School Coordinator

 A unique course for educators in Saudi Arabia

This course is offered by Tony Swainston Ltd. It focuses not just on the key leadership skills you need to be a successful school coordinator, but also includes techniques to analyse what sort of a leader you might be.

If you are new to being a school coordinator or are looking for promotion, additional responsibility or to broaden your opportunities then this course will give you key insights into successful leadership and how to make the most of your own leadership attributes.

This course will help you to develop your leadership skills in order to lead your school to higher performance by getting the best from its most important asset: people.

The course units cover the ways to be successful in your role. This includes:

  1. Effective leadership in schools
  2. Great team building
  3. Communication for success
  4. Coaching for impact

What this includes:

  • Two days of face-to-face training
  • Certificate from Tony Swainston Ltd
  • Certificate from ILM ( Optional)
  • Course material
  • Marked paper with feedback
  • Lunches and refreshments

Course fee: SR 4500

Workshops: SR 1000 each “covering course materials, certificate, coffee breaks and lunch”

  • Super Teacher Workshop Part 1,2 and 3
  • Mindsets for Success
  • Management and Leadership workshops
  • Managing for Success in Schools
  • Building Resilience in Learning

+ILM Short courses