Frisby’s College

Frisby’s College

Frisby’s College has over 21 years experience in designing & delivering training courses. 
It  is accredited at Premier status by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) for its commendable areas of operation.  ASIC is an independent body providing accreditation services for independent, further and higher education colleges.
Frisby’s College Ltd is an institutional member of Quality International Study Abroad Network (QISAN). It is also registered by the UK Register of Learning Providers, UKPRN 10039758. Our trainers are members of various professional bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Linguists.


Teacher Training Courses CPD Accredited:

    • Diploma in Teaching IELTS SR 1800
    • Diploma in TEFL SR 3800
    • Diploma in Teacher Training  SR 3800
    • Diploma in Montessori Approach in TEFL SR 3500
    • Diploma in Teaching Kindergarten SR 3500
    • The Effective Coordinator SR 4000

Language Courses:

SR 1000 for each level

A1 , A2 ,B1 , B2, C1 and C2